Clarification: SUMMARY: Can't find rpc.yppasswd

From: vnarayan@ACC.HAVERFORD.EDU
Date: Tue Apr 20 1993 - 21:05:56 CDT

Please excuse me for the SUMMARY on Can't find rpc.yppasswd which was not
very clear. Yes, I realise that it pays to read what you have typed before
sending the email away! Here is the correction.
The problem that is described below was caused because our NIS Master
dropped the rpc.yppasswdd daemon. Once we ran the daemon again on the NIS
master, our problem was fixed.

Date: Mon, 19 Apr 1993 09:41:38 -0500
From: vnarayan@ACC.HAVERFORD.EDU
Subject: SUMMARY: Can't find rpc.yppasswd
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Hi Sun Mangagers,

My original posting:

We have a sparc2 which is a Slave Server to the NIS Master Server. All of
a sudden the users are not able to change passwords. If we type yppasswd
and press return, it comes back saying Can't find rpc.yppasswd server. If
we do a ypwhich it says it is bound to the master! But yet yp passwords
can not be changed.
The daemons that are running are:
ypbind -ypsetme

Any help will be appreciated.


Vasantha N.

Academic Computing Center
Haverford College, PA. email:


Each of you who replied pointed out that the master NIS server must not be
running the rpc.yppasswdd daemon. That was indeed the problem. My thanks

Peter Samuel
Steve Vu
Andrew Scarman
Matt Goheen
Gary Richardson
Michael Sullivan
Henry Katz
Hal Stern
Phill St-Louis
Leclerc Francois
Claus Assmann
Tom Crummey

Thank you.

Vasantha N.
Academic Computing Center
Haverford College, PA. email:


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