SUMMARY: memory for ELC/SLC

From: Wojtek Sylwestrzak (
Date: Mon Apr 19 1993 - 10:24:59 CDT

My original question was:

 Is there any difference btween SIMMs used in SLC and ELC ?
 Can we safely buy ELC memory and put it into our SLCs ?


First, this is over 2 weeks old now.
I hoped to solve the problem locally with our Sun reps but they failed
as usual.
I have received several "yes, you can" and several "no, you cannot"
answers. Some people described their own (unsuccessful) experiences.
Of course only 4MB simms (not 16MB) are in question.
For some ugly commercial reason Sun doesn't ship simms for SLC any more...

thanks + greetings from Poland,
Wojtek Sylwestrzak

The most informative answers (my choice of course):

Andrew Scarman:

        Some of the SIMMS are compatible but not all.refer to the chart below
I have drawn up with reference to the machine type and the SIMM part number..

4Mb 501-1676 yes No
4Mb 501-1698 yes yes
4Mb 501-1812 no yes

James Dugal:

You can buy SLC memory, and put them in ELCs. SIMMS must be 36 bits wide.
If you have an ELC SIMM, it could be 33 bits wide, hence not work in
an SLC.

Hugo Tafel:

Yup, the ELC uses 4 or 16 by 33 bit simms part numbers 501-1812 and 501-1822
respectively, the SLC uses 4 by memory part numbers 501-1676 or 501-1698.

John Malick:

The ELC and SLC do use different type of memory. The SLC uses standard 8 bit
word length simms and therefore require 4 simms per bank and the ELC uses
32 bit word length simms and therefor only requires one simm per bank.


Thanks to:

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Andrew Scarman <> (special thanks)
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