xrsh/xon (was summary: problems wi 2/3)

From: James J Dempsey (jjd@spserv.bbn.com)
Date: Fri Apr 16 1993 - 17:31:15 CDT

I know there isn't supposed to be any discussion on this list, but I
thought I should clarify something that was recently posted.

Michael Livsey <michael.livsey@canrem.com> posted a script called
"xon" for starting remote X clients.

xon was an old version of a script now called xrsh. The current
version fixes bugs, adds many new features and comes with a
companion script called xrlogin for starting local xterms running
rlogin or telnet.

You can get the current version of xrsh on export.lcs.mit.edu in the
contrib directory as "xrsh-5.4.shar". I suggest you get and use that
instead of the posted xon script.

If someone doesn't have FTP access to export.lcs.mit.edu, I'd be happy
to email you a copy.

                --Jim Dempsey--

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