SUMMARY: problem with xterm / pty lock.

Date: Thu Apr 15 1993 - 19:14:54 CDT

The original question:
> I have a reoccurring problem with X11R4 on a group of SUNS. Every once and a
> while, a pty gets "locked". As a result, nobody can start an xterm window,
> nither local nor from a X terminal. The xterm frame appears, but immediately
> disappears. If I do a who, the offending pty, say /dev/ttyp4 is not being
> used. There are no proccess attached to the pty. Running a trace discovers
> that the xterm exits after getting a /dev/ttyp4 not owner error. All of the
> ttys have the same permissions. If I start two xterms "very fast", the first
> bombs on ttyp4, the second gets through to another pty and starts ok. I have
> seen this happen with generic X11R4 and openwindows. The SUNS (IPX) are
> running GENERIC 4.1.1, no patches. Anyone seen this before ? Sorry about not
> including the trace, but I had to reboot the SUN to fix the problem and
> forgot to save it.
The solution here was to get patch number 100188-02
Patch-ID# 100188-02
Keywords: TIOCCONS re-direction security console pty
Synopsis: SunOS 4.1.1;4.1.2: pty can get output from another application
Date: 28/Feb/92
SunOS release: 4.1.1, 4.1.2
Architectures for which this patch is available: sun3 sun3x sun4 sun4c sun4m
Patches which may conflict with this patch: 100187-01, 100414-01 (obsoleted)
Problem Description: This patch combines 3 fixes:
        1. TIOCCONS can be used to re-direct console output/input away from
                "console" (bugIDs 1008324)
        2. Kernel programs using pty can get output from previous application.
           (Formerly patch 100414-01, bugID 1070495)
        3. Process not letting go of a pty (bugID 1040722)
Thanks to:
Robert L Krawitz <rlk@Think.COM>
Gilbert E. Detillieux <gedetil@silver.cs.UManitoba.CA>
Jim Lick <> (Brian Farrell 4-6531 MRCE) (Birger A. Wathne)
Casper Dik <>
Anthony Hunter, SHL Systemhouse

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