SUMMARY: Net name and pcnfs

From: Susan Thielen (
Date: Tue Apr 13 1993 - 21:16:17 CDT

Well.. thanks again! The list gave me a lot of insights.. but...
I got the solution ( I think ) from a Sun engineer...

My authentication server has a name of greater than 16 bytes...
so... the password authentication halts even before it gets
out of the PC and back onto the net. There is a patch for
this problem coming to me from the Sun people themselves. So
I'll post the patch details

MAny thanks to
mikep! (Mike Palma)
for calling me with details....

Geert Jan de Groot <>
for trying to call me with details

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Original posting

> My network of Sparcs and PC's has always had a little glich. When the
> user turns on their pc runing any of the versions of PCNFS that we
> have here, they are prompted for user name and password. Now I have
> never been able to make this work. It wasn't a serious problem until
> I installed PC-NFS lifeline. Now my users need to log in as a user
> and not nobody, so they can read their mail! I've gone through the
> PCNFS manuals over and over... They indicate that I need to do
> a NET NISDOMAIN and a NET NISSET command initially.... This I in fact
> do. But there doesn't seem to be anything else to do. Now I am not
> sure if there is something on the server side that needs doing.
> Well, the server is a Sun4 4/370 running 4.1.1. The version of PCNFS
> is 3.5 in this case. And the error I get is the user authentication
> one... where the username and password are asked for, but are never
> accepted.
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