Re: SUMMARY: Solaris 2.x kernel configuration variables

From: Jens Petersohn (
Date: Mon Apr 12 1993 - 19:39:28 CDT

Adrian Booth Computing Consultants ( wrote:
: How embarassing...

: For a complete list of all kernel configuration variables, see Appendix A
: of "SunOS 5.1 Administering Security, Performance, and Accounting" -
: "Tuning Kernel Parameters".

: Actually, my real question (badly worded) was about the "forthcoming" white
: paper describing how best to tune these variables. The Appendix looks like
: a good starting point, anyway.

Be forewarned: Many of those listed are incorrect or incorrectly parameter-
ized. Better solution: Use the Nutshell Book System Performance Tuning and
nm and grep to find the parameters in the actual kernel. Worked great for me.


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