SUMMARY: ANSI C & C++ Compilers for Solaris 1.x/2.x

From: Kyle Strohm (
Date: Mon Apr 12 1993 - 12:22:41 CDT

On Wed, 7 Apr 93, I wrote:

Hello Sun Mgrs.

Are there recommendations out there for C compilers for Solaris 1.x/2.x?
any info on marketed products, as well as any public domain stuff would
be greatly appreciated. I'll summarize.


I received multiple responses, With Cygnus Software's gcc the hands down
winner. Thanks to the following:

Aydin Edguar
Peter Shipley
Wojtek Sylwestrzak
Ian Lumb
Susan Thielen
Perry Hutchison

Here is the general consensus:

1. gcc - Cygnus Software, available on Catalyst CDware, volume 4, as well as,, and Possibility of a g++
   compiler here, or on it's way also. Support is available for a fee from
   Cygnus. gcc also produces code compatible with 68xxx and 80x86

2. Sun's C Product; contact Dwayne @ 508-442-0723 (SunPro).

3. Centerline Software; call (800)NOW-CNTR for a free demo tape.

4. There was also mention of a multi-processor version in the works from
    FSF, for Sloaris 2.x.

Thanks for the help!

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