SUMMARY: Feedback on Hyundai SPARCclones

From: James P. Taylor (
Date: Sun Apr 11 1993 - 19:58:14 CDT

On March 24th 1993 I asked if anyone had any experiences with the Hyundai
SPARC clones. I received 10 responses. The unanimous conclusion is that
they are identical to the Sun product. Several people mentioned the
monitor not being as good as the Sony that Sun is delivering. I list 9
of the 10 respondents [#10 asked to remain anonymous] and highlights of
their responses.

Thanks to

"Jerrold A. Stiffler" <> (Fred Hoare)
 Peter Craig <> (Richard Campbell) (Michael Peppler) (Richard A. Thornton) (Syed Zaeem Hosain)
 Stephen Usher <>
 "(Francisco J. Ballesteros)" <>

Some highlights

Date: Thu, 25 Mar 93 14:40:39 -0500
From: "Jerrold A. Stiffler" <>
Subject: Hyundai SPARC clones

The only shortcomings of the Hyundai's that I have come across are the
monitors and keyboards. The monitors that originally came with the
Hyundai's were the 19" color Hitachi's that Sun used to sell. We found
these wanting and upgraded to a Sony 19" color model. The problem with the
keyboard is rather small but still annoying. The mini-DIN ports are on the
back of the keyboard rather than underneath the keyboard. The result is
that the keyboard cannot be pushed up to rest next to the pizza box because
the keyboard and mouse cables are in the way.


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University of Cape Town,  South Africa

From: Peter Craig <> Date: Fri, 26 Mar 93 09:09:50 GMT

The 2s are completely compatible for us. The 10/30's only compatibility was its need for a keyboard to be plugged in in order to boot (a slight problem since we use only headless machines).

Date: Fri, 26 Mar 93 16:51:44 +0100 From: (Michael Peppler)

We've got three Hyundai (Axil) HWS S310 SS10/30 clones. No problems, and everything works as expected. They run SunOS 4.1.3 right out of the box (they come with the SunSoft Solaris 1.1 CD).

From: (Richard A. Thornton) Date: Fri, 26 Mar 1993 22:03:36 GMT

I can't tell you about the SPARCclones, but I did have a friend who had a XT PC from them. It was a lemon... It was clearly an engineering problem that they never did fix.

******************** and in case the above worried you ********************

From: (Syed Zaeem Hosain) Date: Sat, 27 Mar 1993 19:02:49 GMT

I cannot comment about the Hyundai PC world - I have heard similar rumours, but no personal experience. I will add that the Hyundai workstations are being manufactured in San Jose, CA by a relatively autonomous, wholly-owned subsidiary called Axil Workstations. There is no correlation or connection between the PC equipment made by Hyundai and the workstations made by Axil. The manufacturing is different.

The Axil quality control is excellent, and we have many testimonial letters from satisfied purchasers (one of the the largest being Lockheed Corporation in Sunnyvale, CA) that we can show to potential customers. We invite any potential purchasers who is concerned about this, and is in (or visiting) the Bay Area, to ask us for a factory visit in San Jose, where we will show you the mftg floor and the efforts made to ensure good results.

At our last factory visit, a very large multi-billion dollar company, interested in purchasing the Axil equipment, commented satisfactorily on seeing the mftg area.

From: Stephen Usher <> Date: Tue, 30 Mar 93 13:56:58 BST

An added bonus was that it came with all those nice cables Sun doesn't supply, ie. AUI ethernet, Serial splitter and parallel cables.

Date: Wed, 31 Mar 1993 16:38:32 UTC+0200 From: "(Francisco J. Ballesteros)" <> Subject: Hyundai --- any experiences???

> Does anyone have any experience with the Hyundai SPARCclones? I will > summarize e-mail responses, but responses to the net are fine too.

Sure!, SS2 & SS10, what's your problem?

******** Again, thanks to those who responded.

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