SUMMARY: Time of Day Clock not Initialized

From: Tim Evans (
Date: Sat Apr 10 1993 - 03:23:19 CDT

Earlier this week, I wrote:

>A user manually set a Sparc II (4.1.3) ahead to DST just before
>02:00 EST on Sunday morning, then noticed the automatic change
>and manually set it back to just before 02:00. When 2am arrived
>and the system tried to ajust to DST on its own, the system crashed
>and now will not boot. Boot error is "time of day clock not
>initialized, check and reset." System tries to boot, but reaches
>the "dump on sd-whatever" stage and then hangs indefinitely.
>Short of reloading the OS, is there any fix to this? Thanks.
I had only one response to this question, but it was a good one.
Thanks to Terry Rosenbaum <>, who suggested
booting the miniroot from CD-ROM and resetting the date. This
solved the problem.

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