From: Michael P. O'boyle (
Date: Sat Apr 10 1993 - 01:17:35 CDT

>During a recent attempt to restore an accidently deleted
>mail message, a restore from tape of the spool directory
>was preformed.
>This resulted in a loss of one of the sticky bits.
>I had to use chmod o+x to give execute perms to others,
>but I am unable to turn on the sticky bit (chmod o+t doesnt work)
>How does one activate the sticky bit?



You could use the octal mode: chmod 1777 /var/spool/mail. The leading
'1' turns on the sticky bit.

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Use either "chmod +t" or "chmod 1xxx" where xxx is the normal
absolute permissions (eg, 755 for rwxr-xr-x).


As seen in the absolute mode, the sticky bit isn't part of the others permissions, but rather a part of a triple which includes setuid and setgid. Each of these bits affects the entire file, not a specific set of permissions. They are shown within the permissions for user, group, and others in an 'ls -l' merely as shorthand. That's why "chmod o+t" doesn't work.

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