SUMMARY: YP Host map not being used

From: atract!dave@radiata.cbr.for.CSIRO.AU
Date: Fri Apr 09 1993 - 20:55:45 CDT

> Dear netters,
> We have a verry abstract problem. On a sun running 4.1.1 that is
> both the NIS & DNS master server, after some undefined occurance
> we now find that the machine is happily resolving names through
> DNS but cannot resolve a name contained in the YP hosts maps.
> eg.
> # ping spider
> ping: unknown host spider
> # ypmatch spider hosts
> spider
> # ping
> is alive
> #

The failure had to be in the gethostbyname system call. Which is
in libc. Despite assurances by the Sys-Manager on site that this
had not been changed, it turned out to be the case & it hade been
changed 2 weeks ago & no one had noticed till recently.

Thanks to all those that responded & particularly those that got it
right. (Birger A. Wathne)

PS. One person saw this as a feature but I'm afraid I've deleted your message in
preparing this summary. What you are probably interested in is something called
resolv+2.1 from the net (refered to by Alternatively I
could send you the library that we have just deactivated. Unfortunately I am
unaware of it's heratige as the Sys-Manager on site is 3hrs behind us, So I haven't
spoken to him yet.

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