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Date: Fri Apr 09 1993 - 08:35:52 CDT

Original question:

> My performance is going to hell on 2 of our servers and I want to start
> up more 'nfsd' to see if that will help. However, I was told I could start
> up more 'nfsd' ON THE FLY by just typing:
> nfsd 4
> (to start up 4 more, for example).
> However, you do that and they seem to die right away since a 'ps' doesn't
> show anymore running.

Thanks for all the responses....

The answer is to kill off all the 'nfsd' *first*, and then restart how
many you want afterwards.

Most users had a nice little script to kill them off and then restart them
immediately so that the user community as a whole would not notice
the glitch in the network.

Thanks for all who responded: (Joe P. DeCello) (Danielle Sanine) (Leclerc Francois) (Michael Harris) (Joel Shandelman) (Andy J. Stefancik) (Bert Robbins)
   amdahl!!tommy (Tommy Reingold) (Daniel Trinkle)
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