SUMMARY: SLIP on suns (from pcs?)

From: Gary Richardson (
Date: Fri Apr 09 1993 - 01:18:42 CDT

Hi all,

Well, the list comes thru again. Here's the suggestions I recieved:

- get cslip-2.6 from your favorite archie site
- MorningStar sells PPP which has slip. get a good doc file from
- and/or should have the latest versions of
- PC-NFS from SunSoft comes with SLIP support for pc and the slip daemon
  for the sun.

Many people mentioned cslip and PPP from MorningStar. But when I got a
couple of responses mentioning PC-NFS, I found the response I wanted. I
have many copies of PC-NFS, and if it has SLIP built into it, then I'm
going to go with that. PC-NFS even has a small manual on how to set it
up on both Sun and PC side.

My thanks to all who helped me out:

Jonathan Hardwick <jch@GS69.SP.CS.CMU.EDU>
linh@purgatory.rap.ucar.EDU (Linh Ngo) (Tim Evans) (Kurt Sauter) (Kee Chua) (Jim Murff)
tcb@cipr-server.MGH.Harvard.Edu (Ted Beatie)
Jim Lick <>
davidl@Newbridge.COM (David Law)

Thanks again all!

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