SUMMARY: Software for recording a user's session

From: Earl Zmijewski (
Date: Tue Apr 06 1993 - 16:17:31 CDT

Ask a stupid question, get a million answers ...

The original question:
> Is there any PD software available for saving a copy of a user's session.
> That is, I'd like all input and output seen by the user to end up in a file. > This is for the user's own use (not for security purposes.)

The most popular answer is to use "script", which comes with SunOS. For
xterms you can also use the "-i" option, e.g, "xterm -i". Other suggestions
include iscreen, advise, tee, and screenplay. I didn't try any of these
since script does what I want. However, I've included the comments on these
alternatives below.

Thanks to all who responded. Earl

Tommy Reingold <!tommy>:
  Script comes with SunOS. There's a better program called iScreen
  (which is based on a program called screen so it's still sometimes
  called screen). It emulates a window system using a dumb tty, so it
  does far more than just log a session. You can get it off the net.
  I'm using version 3.02 at the moment.

"Jim Davis" <> writes:
  I've also seen a program called advise. I tried it briefly, and it seemed
  to work well. Don't recall where I got it from, but I'll bet archie would
  know an ftp site. (David Bath) writes:
  Unless you want to change the tty driver, if it is just a standard terminal
  try using tee. (you could hack /etc/passwd to make a script containing
  the following the default shell and then change $SHELL to something normal)

  tee -a mylog | sh | tee -a mylog

davidl@Newbridge.COM (David Law) writes:
  Use "tee" as in:

  # itelnet | tee filename (Michael G. Harrington) writes:
  I just got some info on a product called ScreenPlay. It'll take a video
  of the screen/window you want. It's put out by Rad Technologies. Mountain
  View, CA. 1800 243-8723. or Email @ You can download a
  demo from under vendor/RAD/screenplay.

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