SUMMARY: Need dump parameters for 4mm DAT (HP35480A)

From: Stefan Frick (
Date: Sun Apr 04 1993 - 18:32:19 CDT

Still some confusion....

The answers can be divided into two categories:

1. modifying of /usr/kvm/sys/scsi/targets/st_conf.c and
/usr/kvm/sys/scsi/targets/stdef.h + building a new kernel is nesseccary.

2. just plug and play....

I'm a little bit unsure of which os-version which needs the modification of the
above mentioned files. I'm running os-4.1.3 and it seems to work ok.

Anyway, I got a bunch of different parameters to use with dump, as follows:

(2 votes)

Block: 200
Size: 15000
Density: 15000


Size: 10000 (or bigger)
Density: 32000 (or bigger)

or (2 votes)

Block: 126
Size: 3125
Density: 28633


Block: 126
Size: 6000
Density: 54000

So I guess I'll have to use the good 'ol 'trial-and-error' method...

Thanks anyway for sheding some lights!

Thanks to: (Steve Winters) (Martin Kelly) (Gretchen Mittelstaedt) (David B. Brown)
kall@mayo.EDU (Bruce Kall)
Mico Loretan <> (David Neill) Excellent information about compression!
Arthur Young <> (Richard.Hellier)
Paul Begley <peb@sandoz>

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