SUMMARY: Partitions > 2 GB on 4.1.3?

From: Amir J. Katz (
Date: Sun Apr 04 1993 - 10:33:30 CDT

Recently I asked:

>Is there a limit of 2 GB (or any other size) per partition for 4.1.3 disks?

Once again the list comes through. I'm being flooded with responses. Thanks,
guys, this list is great!!

The answer is "YES, 2.1GB is the max for a single partition".
The reason is that the underlying software uses ints, so the max offset is
If you need larger partitions, use Sun's Online Disk Suite which lets you
expand a filesystem up to X TB (yes, terabytes). The size of X varies
according to who you talk to... Size ranges between 1 and 4 TB.

Additional comments of interest:

1. Larry Chin {}:
> Previous to 4.1.3 there was a limit of 1.3 gig but that was fixed via a
> patch and the patch rolled into 4.1.3.

2. (John P. Linderman):
> You had best beware of partitions larger than 2GB, if you plan to dump
> them to tape. There are LOTS of hidden 31-bit quantities lurking out
> there, like file size limits and seek pointers. Maybe newer systems have
> boosted the limits to 63-bits, but if you ever want to read back a dump
> tape on an older system (4.1.3 included, I believe), keep dump sizes under
> 2 gig.

3. trdlnk!mike@uunet.UU.NET (Michael Sullivan):
> The limit is 2 GB per partition unless you have Sun's unbundled
> product Disksuite, which patches the kernel to boost the limit to 1 TB
> (and also lets you create file systems of up to this size, mirrored
> and/or striped across multiple disks). Even with Disksuite, an individual
> file is limited to 2 GB in SunOS 4.1.x.

Thanks to:
Christian Hnilica
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