SUMMARY:Tape Stackers + copilot on 4.x

From: Andy J. Stefancik 206-234-3049 (
Date: Fri Apr 02 1993 - 12:00:57 CST

> Does anyone know if 8mm tape jukeboxes work with Sun's "Online Backup
> Copilot", and if so, which one(s)? SunOS4.x only.
I talked with apunix computer services on the phone and they were very
helpful, technically and explained it this way.(as I decipher my scribbling);

A "NEW" version of backup Copilot, includes a "serial" driver for SunOS4.x.
The Exibyte "Tape Stackers" come in a 10 tape, 12gig/tape, one drive conf.
You can choose between a gravity drop stacker robot (10) which uses the
"sequential mode" driver. Retrieves have to go through the tapes sequentially
until the matching tape is found. Or you can choose a random access stacker
(10i), which uses a "non-sequential" driver, and can load the matching tape
into the drive immediatedly. This "non-sequential" driver is the one the
new version of backup copilot does not provide on SunOS4.x. The "sequential"
driver is provided with backup colpilot for SunOS4.x. You can get the
"non-sequential" driver from apunix computer services, but will have to
give the stacker commands from "outside" of backup copilot.
        Of course you can order the large stacker, but I don't know if
that comes in a gravity drop stacker robot type.
        They also mentioned to make sure the stacker has "QFA" which
remembers where on the tape the file is, so it doesn't have to search
for it, and can just fast-forward to it.

They also said that there is no difference between a stacker and a
        I am going to submit these questions to our local Sun office:

1. What is the New version of Backup Colpilot?

2. Does it include a driver for "sequential mode" gravity stacker robots for

3. Does it include a driver for "random access stacker robots for

4. If either driver is included, Do they work with just Exibyte Stackers
   from "within" backup copilot, or other stackers as well?

I will let you know when I get replies.


Boeing in Phila PA purchased a jukebox from us with device drivers, that allows
them to use backup copilot with the 8mm jukebox. They wrote shell scripts to
automate their backups.

Dean Mondelblatt
Peripheral Devices Corporation
Phone: 215-640-0446
Fax : 215-640-4580
E-mail :


>Sun's Copilot will work with the Exabyte jukes if you also have
>and use a device driver that can issue the commands to change the
>cartridge in the drive. The new online will also operate a 8mm stacker
>but only in sequential mode, not random access.

apunix computer services
800-827-8649, ext 104


David Law writes: davidl@Newbridge.COM

You can try "Box Hill Systems Corp.". They have 3 systems that I know of,
the "File Box", "Bread Box", and "Ice Box".
"File Box" - 24 GB of auto-loading 4mm tape backup (1 drive 12 tapes)
                - Robotic media changer for unattended local and remote backups
                - Removable modules

"Bread Box" - 50 GB of 8mm tape backup (1x2.3GB or 1x5GB tape unit, 10 tape) - Robotic cartridge handler.
"Ice Box" - 1/2 TB (580GB) (4x2.3GB or 5x5GB tape units, 116 8mm tapes)
There address is as follows:
Box Hill Systems Corporation
161 Avenue of The Americas
New York, New York 10013

Tel: (212) 989-4455 or 1-800-727-3863
Fax: (212) 989-6817

Email: (Arline Blake)
They`re expensive! So far we only have several of their fast-scsi 2 drives (alsoexpensive), but they're good performers and very slick in appearance. I think I
heard a price of ~75k $CDN for the "Bread Box", but I could be wrong.

Yes, they do (work with SunOS4.x). I just found out we may be bringing one in to trial shortly.


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