SUMMARY: mail tool won't notify - late!

From: Dan A. Zambon (
Date: Thu Apr 01 1993 - 07:02:31 CST

Hi Netters,
I made my original post on this problem about 2 weeks ago. I apologize
for not being able to post the summary sooner.

I guess one of the reasons that I haven't posted it is because the
fix for the problem was simple. I rebooted the server. Not just
because of this minor, annoying problem, but because of a kernel
rebuild. This means, of course, I don't have the slightest idea
as to what fixed it....

I did look at all the responses and performed the indicated suggestions,
checks and configurations....

Respondees stated:
-Biff y does not mess with the OW mailtool, but only the tty login. Mail
 tool is set via Edit>Properties, or via the internal variable
 (retrieveinterval). Default is 600 seconds, or 5 minutes. If this
 is set very large, you may not be notified for a LONG time. And by
 the way, biff all by itself displays if biff is set on or off.

-Some stated that they had seen this on their systems. They pointed to
 users setting $MAIL in their .login, which stopped mail from finding
 the correct mail spool directory.

-I got some very detailed information from a few users who mentioned
 how the new mail notification scheme works and how biff/comstat work. I
 will not include this since it would take more time than I have.

-Many uses stated to try and quit the mail tool, then open it up again.

-Another mentioned that automounts sometime cause delays, and said to
 adjust the NFS mouting parameters (such as noac, or actimeo=0). We have
 had some troubles with automounts.

-Some said to make sure /usr/bin/mail exists, has not been aliased or linked to
 /usr/ucb/Mail and check its permissions.

-I myself have had screwy mail problems when I have too many folders in
 mail directory. Others noted this as well.

So overall, I learned much, but I do not have an actual fix. I just

My thanks to all those who responded: (Bruce Cogan)
Gary Riseborough
Mick Cottingham (Donald McLachlan)
David Sansom <> (Andy Feldt) (Shyela Aberman) (Mark S. Anderson)
Mark Anderson
efb@suned1.Nswses.Navy.Mil ( Everett F Batey II )

Please note that actual responses, minus any identifying addresses
or names, are available. Just contact me via email.

Dan Zambon

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