SUMMARY: Problems with selection service in OW3.1

From: Luis Masaya [SISTEMAS] (sunguat!lmasaya@Sun.COM)
Date: Thu Apr 01 1993 - 02:20:08 CST

Thanks to everybody that answered my desperate cry for help!
At first I thought that maybe nobody was going to answer. But I
got like 20 replies with the exact same approach. Almost everybody
told me that the problem of "Selection service error" was due to
permissions in the "/tmp" directory, or the files ".NeWS-unix" and
".X11-unix". Some suggested checking permissions of "/var/tmp" also.
The other file that was suggested to be creating problems was
"/tmp/.sv_xv_sel_svc" and if it was presently owned by root, delete it.
Somebody else told me that this was a know bug of OW3.1 and that I should
put the following line in my .logout file:

  rpcinfo -d 100015 6

        This line is supposed to delete the RPC request that OW fails to
clear. Others suggested also checking the permissions of the "/var/tmp" and
"/usr/tmp" directories. I'll check all the possibilities, but due to the
overwhelming amount of people suggesting its a permissions problem, I think
this is the probable cause. In any case I'll write the final answer when
I get it done.

Thanks to the following:
Henry Katz
Robert Holder
Perry Hutchison
Larry Weissman (Sorry if I miss anybody)
Bill Lenherr
Shouben Zhou
Derek Fraser
Glenn Satchell
Leonard Evens
Tim Evans

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