SUMMARY: Third Party Memory for SS10/30

From: Elizabeth Schwartz (
Date: Tue Mar 30 1993 - 21:47:27 CST

As it turned out, we ordered memory from Sun, because (to our shock)
their price on 16M SIMM's was within a few dollars of the third
third party vendors. Their price for 64M SIMM's was around 20% higher
than the others, though (figuring in our educational discount)
  I suppose that by now the third party vendors have lowered their
prices again, though.
   The SS10/30 memory is apparently Sun-specific with some sort of
logic on the board. Sun implied that adding 3rd-party memory might
conflict with putting the machines under Sun Maintenance. As their
price was so good, I didn't pursue it.
  As for Clearpoint: rumor has it that they are "reorganizing" and
have not gone out of business. They never answered either of their 800
numbers or the local number I had, though, so they might as well be.
  Thanks for your help! Here are the (trimmed) responses I received
I opted for 4x16 instead of 1x64, too. I don't remember the savings, but
it was >$1000.

[re Clearpoint:]
That would explain why I only got 1 of an order of 4 from them. I eventually
got the other 3 from Helios, and all have been working fine.
From: (Eckhard Rueggeberg)

We bought 16MB SIMMs for SS-10 from two different vendors, both being non-Sun,
and the work like a charm. I don't know who's manufacturing them though.

From: tuna@kanchenjunga.LCS.MIT.EDU (Kirk 'UhOh' Johnson)

we buy almost all our memory from impediment incorporated
(617-837-8877). we purchased 64 MB (4 x 16MB SIMMs) of memory from
them recently that we put into an SS10/30; haven't had any problems
with it. i believe impediment resells kingston memory; i don't know
what their current pricing looks like.

note that sun's memory pricing of late has been pretty agressive --
$925 (list) for 16 MB a SIMM. at the typical 40% EDU discount, this
works out to $555 per (less if you happen to get a bigger discount
from sun), so make sure if you're buying third-party memory to save
money that you're actually doing so!
From: (Syed Zaeem Hosain)
We sell Kingston memory for the SS10. Works like a charm.
From: "Dataram Corp. PO Box 7528" <>
[plug for their own brand]
 Chuck Staatse Dataram Corp. 609-799-0071 x 330

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