SUMMARY: Motif on Sun Sparc

From: Jianxin Jiang (
Date: Tue Mar 30 1993 - 06:44:19 CST

    I inquired a few days ago about where one could obtain a version of
Motif to run with SunOS 4.1.x on SPARCstation II and 10. Here is a list of
vendors from the replies I have received so far. I have not yet checked
with any of the vendors. Several people suggested ICS.

    1) Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC)
    2) OSF, call (617) 621-7300; If you get source codes, you will need
       X11R5 to build (perhaps X11R4 would also work)
    3) ICS (Integrated Computer Solutions Incorporated), phone
       (617) 621-0060 or email to
    4) IXI, phone 510 275 3120 and Fax 510 275 0301; seems popular outside
    5) Quest, phone 408 988 8357, Fax 408 496 1900
    6) Unix Central (sells ICS's Motif at $655, catalog price), call
       Cindy Drzmala at 800+553-UNIX or 408+733-9400 x 411.

One person ( suggested SAIC Vue (similar to HP's Vue).

Thanks to (Kathy Holle) (Yongchun Wu)
MNTVM5@F18VM5.MDC.COM (Jack P. Reed) (Leigh Hume) (Rand S. Huntzinger) (Amir Katz) (Rune Gronaas) (Joel Shandelman)


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