SUMMARY: memory for SS1+

From: Mike Steadman (
Date: Fri Mar 26 1993 - 16:44:11 CST

The question:

I've got two SS1+'s with 12MB RAM each, ie 3 banks of 4 1MB SIMMs apiece.
Is there any problem with putting 4 4MB SIMMs in the empty bank?

The answer:

No problem, but you should put the higher capacity SIMMs in the first bank.

However, Paul Brunk said that he had put the 4MB SIMMs in the bank 4 and
the SS1+ still worked:

> The thing works fine. I expect they want the higher ones first because
> that would be more efficient during dynamic space allocation. But we've
> had no problems. So change them around if you can, but if you can't, don't
> be afraid to put the 4MB ones in bank 4.

Thanks to all who responded.


respondees (so far): (David M Green) (Wayne Schmidt) (Paul Brunk) (Stephen Miller)

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