Motif 1.2.2 & Solaris 2.1 Build summary

From: Richard Steinberger (
Date: Fri Mar 26 1993 - 12:00:53 CST

Several people have asked me to post a summary of what I needed to do
to build motif 1.2.2 on a Solaris 2.1 system. Here is that summary.
It is available via anon-ftp on [If I make changes
to it, I will update that file.]


Prepared by Ric Steinberger. 3/26/93
Available via anon-ftp on

What follows is a description of the steps I used to build Motif 1.2.2
on a SUN IPX running Solaris 2.1. Sun's C compiler (2.0.1) was used.
Many thanks go to Kaleb Keithley ( for several
useful suggestions. Other people, including OSF staff, too numerous to
name helped as well. My thanks to you all.

1. Build X11R5 from the mit distribution. You need to retrieve the sources
   from (in pub/R5) and patches 1 - 22 (or 23) (in
   pub/R5/fixes). There are several other sites that contain the X11R5
   sources. After installing patch 19, apply PEXlib.tar.Z, also available
   from in pub/R5/fixes. You can apply also
   R5.Xsun.multi-screen and R5.SunOS5.patch. There are .README files
   that explain how to patch. Be SURE to read
   R5.SunOS5.patch.README for details on how to BUILD X11. You probably
   want to use the ProjectRoot feature in the site.def file in the
   mit/config directory. You will NEED to edit that file to do that.

2. Obtain the Motif 1.2.2 distribution from OSF (617-621-8700). You may
   need to first install the 1.2 tape, then the 1.2.1 and finally the
   1.2.2 tape. You might want to do a "chmod -R u+w ." after unloading
   each tape.

3. In the config directory, there are several changes I made. I don't
   claim that they are ALL necessary or appropriate and would welcome
   feedback on this. In cases where I refer to files from the
   R5.SunOS5.patch, if you build the mit X11R5 after you applied
   this patch, the files will be in the mit/config directory.

   a) Change the site.def file so ProjectRoot is used. Just uncomment
      the last part of the file. Use the same ProjectRoot as you used
      for the mit X11 build/install.

   b) Modify Motif.tmpl:

        #ifndef XmExtraLibraries
        #if defined(SystemV4) && defined(SparcArchitecture)
        /* #define XmExtraLibraries -lgen
        #define XmExtraLibraries -lgen -lucb -lelf
        #define XmExtraLibraries /**/

        This goes after the /* Place to install .uid files */ lines.

        Note that I needed to use the ucb and elf libs. After discussions
        with Kaleb Keithley, I'm not sure how I might have avoided this,
        given that I built mit X11 with all the above-mentioned patches.
        I agree that ucb compatability modes should be avoided whenever
        possible. Perhaps I misunderstood some of Kaleb's comments.

        I had LD_LIBRARY_PATH set to:

        [The first entry is somewhat bogus. The SUN C compiler install
         document tells you to do it, but that directory doesn't even
   c) Use the from the R5.SunOS5.patch. Add

   d) Use the sunLib.rules from OSF or the R5.SunOS5.patch. They appear
        to be the same.

   e) Use the sunLib.tmpl from the R5.SunOS5.patch

   f) Use the sv4Lib.rules from the R5.SunOS5.patch. Remove the symbol:
        LdRunPath. It seems to have been put there instead of something
        like $$(LD_RUN_PATH).

   g) Use the sv4Lib.tmpl file from the R5.SunOS5.patch.

4) Use the README-1.2.1 file as a guideline for building motif. I followed
   directions in the section called, "Using X11R5 Installed Libraries
   and Header Files." If you make a mistake after your first build
   attempt, copy Makefile.ini to Makefile before retrying. You may
   need to do this in the config subdirectory too, depending on what
   went wrong.

5) After make Makefiles, do make includes, make depend, then make (or
   as OSF recommends, make -k). This gets as far as motifshell in the
   demos, which fails to build because O_RDONLY and L_XTND are
   not defined. O_RDONLY is in fcntl.h (actually <sys/fcntl.h>, but
   fcntl.h includes this.) L_XTND can allegedly be replaced by SEEK_END.
   I haven't tried these yet. Note: many MANY compiler warning messages
   will be generated during the build process.

6) You can go to the demos/xmsamplers directory and do a make there.
   Other demos may build, or not depending on whatever. . . .

7) make install will do the install. [It will fail at motifshell
   if you don't fix it, as mentioned above.] You can do a make install
   in demos/xmsamplers if you want these.

8) If running on a SUN (as opposed to an X term), you will (probably) need
   to start openwin with something like:
        openwin -server /usr/X11R5/bin/Xsun

   [You might want to use an alias for this. Maybe add -escape too.]
   This fixes an annoying problem: The mouse keys stop working after you
   click on an icon to get the icon menu (on SUNs only, not X terms).
   The ALT keys still work, if you get stuck. I don't know whether this
   is a bug in SUN's server or whether it is Motif related.

   Here is a copy of my .xinitrc: It's not elegant. Sun's default
   openwin startup file is in: /usr/openwin/lib/Xinitrc. You can
   copy this to ~/.xinitrc and customize as desired. Obviously, the
   default behavior is to start the OpenLook environment (boo!).

# .xinitrc - OpenWindows startup script.
if [ -f $HOME/.Xdefaults ]; then
    xrdb $HOME/.Xdefaults # Load Users X11 resource database
if [ -f $HOME/.Xdefaults.sun ]; then
    xrdb -merge $HOME/.Xdefaults.sun
export DISPLAY
xhost + > /dev/null
#xterm -sb -sl 512 -T `hostname` -ls -n `hostname` &
xterm -sb -sl 512 -T `hostname` -n `hostname` &
mwm &
xclock -geometry +1010+0 &
xload -geometry +710+5 -fg red &
xsetroot -solid salmon &
xterm -sb -sl 100 -T CONSOLE_DO_NOT_LOGOUT -C -n console -iconic

Here's .Xdefaults.sun, which gives me a more readable font for use with
motif on Sun monitors:

!Some additional .Xdefaults values specifically for SUN
! After loading .Xdefaults, xrdb -merge .Xdefaults.sun
Mwm*fontList: 8x16
!Mwm*fontList: vtbold
!Change as desired.

You will probably want to maintain LD_LIBRARY_PATH to something like,
if not identical to, the value suggested above. If you use emacs,
you will need to leave /usr/openwin/lib there. [This is because you probably,
like me, used the distributed version of s-sol2.h, which explicitly
refers to windowing libraries as being in the /usr/openwin locations.
Yes, I know that emacs/Solaris ought to allow to be
"picked up" from elsewhere, like /usr/X11R5/lib, but the one emacs links
with is, and the mit one is
So it seems to want the .4 one. Any comments? I'd prefer not to
rebuild emacs based on the X11R5 libs because I occassionally need to
move the emacs binaries to machines without the mit files.]

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