SUMMARY: scsi problems with sd0 on sparc 10/41

From: Tim F O'Donoghue (
Date: Fri Mar 26 1993 - 04:44:57 CST

I asked:

|Setup: SPARC 10 Model 41, 64M, 6 SCSI devives (3 disks, 2 exabytes, cdrom),
| SunOS 4[.1].3 + bundled patch
|When I boot, I get:
|Mar 24 11:35:38 inferno vmunix: esp0: Current command timeout [...]
|Mar 24 11:35:38 inferno vmunix: sd0: SCSI transport failed [...]
|When I'm running, I intermittently get (well ~5 times a day on a lightly
|used machine):
|Mar 23 21:46:22 inferno vmunix: esp0: SCSI bus DATA IN phase parity error

Net wisdom advised that I check the usual stuff:

* Connectors tight
* Total cable length not too long
* Termination okay (pref with an ACTIVE terminator)

Connectors were fine, Termination seemed okay, but goddamn did I have
some SCSI spaghetti under then desk. 3 of the systems are stacked ontop
of one another but were actually connected with 1m cables. Not having
any short cables free, I simply edited the fstab, disconnected the
chain and rebooted with the internal (sd0) being the only device.
Worked fine, ie it was a cable length problem. Short cables are on

Thanks for the prompt responses from:
        Louis M. Brune <>
        Charles Maxson <>
        Andrew Scarman <>


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