SUMMARY: problem with diskless client

From: Mark Slezak (
Date: Thu Mar 25 1993 - 16:24:20 CST

Hi -

  My orignal post is at the tail-end of this message, however my solution was
  provided by Joe Morris ( He suggested expressly
  exporting to the client. Like Joe mentioned in his mail, this isn't the best
  method around this problem, but it works...

  Other suggestion went like this:

On the Server
 o Repush NIS Maps
 o Check permissions on /etc/exports are ok
 o Check contents of /etc/exports
 o Check contents of /etc/bootparams
 o Check contents of /etc/netgroups
 o Check permisions of /export/exec and /export/swap, if neccessary change
   mode with chmod

On the Client end
 o Check /etc/fstab for proper server name
 o Check /etc/hosts for proper server name

   I would like to thank the following people for helping out with
the problem:

<stern@sunne.East.Sun.COM (Hal Stern - NE Area Systems Engineer)>
< (Mohammed Moin Uddin)>
< (Joe Morris)>
<Frank Henderson <>>
< (Joel Shandelman FIMS Informations Systesms -)>

My orignal post:
> Hope someone knows better than I what might be a solution to this...
> Problem: Mount access deined to diskless client.
> History: I put a cd-rom drive back on our server "Race" (after powering it
> down via shutdown -h). It rebooted fine, as did all the PC/NFS
> machines attaching to Race, and Shark (an IPC). But COD (an IPC which
> mounts services from Race) came up with this message:
> mount: access denied for race:/export/exec/sun4.sunos.4.1.2
> mount: giving up on:
> /usr
> and I was left with message about the system not being able perform an
> fsck. I attempted to perform a manual mount of the drive, with the
> same
> result. I also tried an "exportfs -a" on Race, but was still not able
> to mount on Cod.
> I am stumped as the only thing that changed was the re-addation of the
> CD-Rom drive. Race came back up with not a hitch, as did the other
> machines. Any suggestions or solutions would be great!

   Mark. (206) 526-4131
   Mark R. Slezak

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