WWW access to sun-managers summaries

From: Daniel Len Schales (dan@engr.LaTech.edu)
Date: Thu Mar 25 1993 - 10:39:32 CST

I have setup access to the sun-managers sumamries archives
via the World Wide Web. This was already possible using the
webs gopher gateway, but this is perhaps a little nicer. You
can access it with the following link:


I am still trying some things, so what you see may change on

I don't recommend using the web interface unless you have one
of the better clients (xmosaic, viola), if all you have is the
line mode, stick with gopher.

Web related software can be ftp'ed from info.cern.ch

xmosaic binaries for several popular platforms can be ftp'ed
from ftp.ncsa.uiuc.edu.


Daniel Schales             Louisiana Tech University
Systems Programmer/Network Administrator
dan@engr.LaTech.edu        (318) 257-2893

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