SUMMARY: xvnews problems

From: Hao Wang (
Date: Thu Mar 25 1993 - 03:03:03 CST

My original question:
> 1. When I click my left mouse button on Post... right after I start xvnews.
> It will stay there and doing nothing. If I click the button anywhere on
> the news panel then it will lock whole terminal.
> 2. When I start an article and select "Post to group" or "Post follow ups"
> from Post/E-mail pull down menu. It will lock up my terminal. The "Reply
> to sender" and "Forward article" work fine.

The problem was because I got the wrong version of xvnews. After I installed
correct one. Every thing works fine.

Thanks to:
Derrick J. Brashear
Buffy Hyler

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