SUMMARY: ufs_putapage: bn == UFS_HOLE

From: Tim Evans (
Date: Wed Mar 24 1993 - 04:09:57 CST

Yesterday, I wrote:

>It seems to be my week...
>I have a Sparc 10 clone, running Solaris 2.1, which has panicked
>twice this morning with the above message. We have seen similar
>mesages (exact wording below) on a Sparc 2 running 4.1.2.
>panic: ufs_putpage hole
Thanks to Hal Stern for a quick answer. I had added a new swap
file on the system yesterday and had incorrectly used the '-n'
option to the 'mkfile' command when creating the swap file.
Deleting the swap space, removing the file, and remaking it
without '-n' corrected the problem.

Both Hal's book (_Managing NFS and NIS_) and Mike Loudikes'
_System Performance Tuning_ explicitly warn against using the
'-n' arg when creating swap files.

(Under Solaris 2.1, swap space can be dynamically deleted with
the 'swap -d' command. Under 4.1.x, it is less convenient.)

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