SUMMARY: Problems in dialing

From: mau@beatles.CSELT.STET.IT
Date: Fri Mar 19 1993 - 19:04:38 CST

Well, not much of a summary, as I got just one answer, from
 tellab5!vpnet!trdlnk!mike@uunet.UU.NET .

My problems with a 2400/MNP modem on a SparcStation 10 with SunOs 4.1.3
were the following:

% If I use a tcsh, I seem to have a parity error (not present in csh and sh);
% and what is worse, just a simple ls starts well but got scrambled in the way,
% as if there would be no flow control.

the answer to the first problem remains unknown, while for the second one

% Your flow (not "flux") control problem can probably be fixed by adding crtscts
% to the ms capability of the /etc/gettytab entry thus:
% P|8bit.9600|9600-baud-8bit|8bit:\
% :sp#9600:p8:ms=crtscts:


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