Summary: moving disk: sparc2/4.1.3 -> sparc10/2.1

From: Dave Heath (
Date: Fri Mar 19 1993 - 10:37:00 CST (Dave Heath) writes:

>We would like to move an external SCSI disk from a sparc 2 running
>sunos 4.1.3 to a sparc 10 running solaris 2.1. I have heard a rumor
>that this will entail reformatting the drive, but that's the only
>way I've heard it: as a rumor.

Thanks to the following people for answering my question:

halvard halvorsen
Steve Hanson
Brian Herzog herzog@dobbs.Eng.Sun.COM

While I haven't tried it yet, moving a disk from a 4.1.x system to
a solaris 2.1 system should not require reformatting. If you are planning
to install an os on the disk, you will probably want to repartition, though.


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