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From: subra (
Date: Thu Mar 18 1993 - 12:10:14 CST


I setup an anonymous ftp following the standard procedure. The anonymous
login works but the 'ls' or 'dir' command doesn't show any files/directories,
though they are present under the home directory of user id ftp which is
The command doesn't spit an error messages either. I have a sample
session below. I double checked on the ownership and modes of the required
files/directories and everything looks OK.
Any clues, pointers will be appreciated.

Thanks to Barry Margolin <> for solving the puzzle for me.
The answer is 'ls' depends on /usr/lib/* and hence has to be
copied to /ftproot/usr/lib/. I did and it worked. Here is the reply as is

On Thu, 18 Mar 1993, Barry Margolin wrote:

> You may need to copy* into ~ftp/lib; Sun didn't update the ftp
> documentation to mention this. Use ldd on all the programs in ~ftp/bin
> to see what libraries they depend on, and copy all of them into ~ftp/lib.
Thanks to others who reminded me to post it on afs-info news group.
Thanks to Deborah Heller for reminding me to go back and look at the FAQ.
As I mentioned in my posting, I had followed the standard procedure and the
FAQ doesn't have the* info. May be this is the time to include
it the FAQ.
Thanks to Peter Samuel for the suggestion to create a symbolic link called
/ftproot/lib to /ftproot/usr/lib. This is not neccesary as ldd shows
only /usr/lib/* dependencies

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