SUMMARY: Diskless client on Solaris 2.1

From: Stuart Shapiro (
Date: Thu Mar 11 1993 - 19:34:03 CST

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I originally asked how to install a new client architecture on a server running
Solaris 2.1. The opinions varied, but here is how it is done.

1. Backup your drive.
2. Re-install the operating system making sure to add all the
   architectures you need and maybe need.
3. Restore those necessary files from your backup.
4. Add new hosts.

Since the architectures are not packages, you can't use pkgadd or swm/swmtool.

The process took me over 6 hours to do. Plan accordingly so you don't get
your users or there mail screwed up. I was able to remove my 2 hard drives
and re-install on two new ones then reboot the old system and mount the new one
to copy everything. People were able to login and do normaly functions while
I worked on the new system. No mail was lost.


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