SUMMARY: - problems with 'From ' header

From: Amir J Katz (
Date: Thu Mar 11 1993 - 04:27:20 CST

Recently, I've posted a question regarding how to control the 'From ' mail
header field with Sun's The original query is too long to repeat
here, but mainly I was complaining that this field was NOT going thru the rewrite
rules specified in the S= in the mailer specification and I could not
control its format.
I've received a few responses, but in the meantime I devised a simple
solution that seems to do the job nicely:
What I did is just to remove the 'U' flag from the mailer flags (F=). This
flag tells sendmail to add an old-style 'From ' header field. It's
undocumented what happens when the flag is missing (well, it's probably
documented in some RFC doc), but I found out that when U flag is removed, a
'From ' field is still generated, but instead of looking like

   From!amir <date> remote from matis

it looks like

   From <date>

which seems to sit well with those mailers which were barfing on the former

Now the mailer line looks like this:

  Muucp, P=/usr/bin/uux, F=msDFMhu, S=14, R=23,
          A=uux - -r -a$f $h!rmail ($u)

--------------------------------------------------- (Bert Medley) said:
> Try modifying ruleset 4. I think everything ends up going through that
> ruleset.
--------------------------------------------------- (Ricardo Marek) suggested to add the Return-Receipt-To:
mail header so I'll get a blow-by-blow feedback of the mail progress.
Neil W Rickert <> gave a long and helpful explanation
about the 'From ' field.

Thanks for the following people: (Ricardo Marek) (Bill Morrow) (Kent Sparrow 595-8110) (Neil W Rickert) (Bert Medley)

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