SUMMARY: Filemgr creating duplicate directories

From: Steve Lee (
Date: Tue Mar 09 1993 - 18:34:26 CST

Yesterday I wrote:

>A SPARC 2 running 4.1.2, OW 3 seems to be creating duplicate directories.
>Suppose that in a directory /proj/kces there are directories a, b and c.
>Some process causes the following directories to be created:
>The original directories are not touched. Needless to say, this causes
>havoc and fills up the disk with duplicate directory structures. My guess
>is that it has something to do with an incorrect usage of file manager,
>but I can't seem to duplicate or cause it no matter what I try. The man
>page for filemgr doesn't mention anything.
>Has anyone heard of this happening, or suggestions on what to do? The obvious
>workaround is to keep scanning directories and then removing them once
>they appear, but the real goal is to eliminate the source of the problem.

Peter Wirdemo of Ericcon Telecom ( in Sweden writes:

When you mark a directory in the filemanager and do an Edit/Cut, the
filemanager moves the directory to

That's it! Thanks for the info...and for
who also responded.

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