SUMMARY: PCNFS on Windows 3.1

From: Cleandro Viana (
Date: Fri Mar 05 1993 - 18:41:21 CST

I would like to thank so many of you that responded
to my problems with PCNFS. It was a great help.

My original request was:

 Why Windows would hang with PC-NFS 4.0a?


1) Must run RTM tsr before invoking windows
2) If emm386 is being used, add an X=C800-D000 (Number's may
   vary according to network card.) Basically, You have to
   tell emm386 to exclude the base address plus the next 8/16K
   depending on the card.
3) Make sure your card is configured right.
   In my case, I have a 3c503, and my problem was that the card
   was using interrupt 5. When I read the PC-NFS manuals it tells
   me, that if I have a 3C503, I should use IRQ5. So I never
   bothering testing IRQ3. After getting tired of trying everything
   else, I decided to switch the interrupt to 3, and it suddenly started

So after 4 days playing with this, I got it working.
Thanks to every single one of you, it really helped.

So long and until next time.



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