SUMMARY: MOTD message is scrambled

From: Brian Decker (
Date: Fri Mar 05 1993 - 14:18:33 CST

Original post:

> Hello again...
> I am running an IPX / 4.1.3, no special patches....I have a fairly
> large /etc/motd ( as required by my management ) that is printed out as
> expected when a user logs in. However, on this particular IPX, which
> is running as an NFS server, NIS slave, the motd output is garbled for
> each user that logs in; apparently random letters are strwen through
> the output. A *cat* of the file reveals nothing out of order - the
> garbling only occurs at login time. Oddly enough, this problem
> decreases over time... (but never quite disappearing!) until I reboot
> the server, and then the scrambling occurs again.
> It's obviously not a critical problem, but it is annoying....
> Additionally, whenever I attempt to /etc/config a new kernel on this same
> server, *config* gives me a bus error!
> I have thought of simply re-installing SunOS, but that seems a bit drastic...
> Any thoughts would be appreciated...
> Thanks,
> Brian

I received several tantalizing responses to this post. Some potential causes
of this problem are:

/etc/config problem:
* installing sun4 instead of sun4c binaries
* potentially changed files in /usr/bin
* potentially corrupt /usr/lib/libc* files
* actually IS a hardware problem with the bus, try replacing the main board

/etc/motd problem:
* does /etc/motd have some blank lines at top
* Type-5 keyboard may be causing the problem, but patches are available
  from Sun to fix this

Unfortunately I have "real" work to do and since these are problems
that I can work around, Ill have to test these fixes out sometime

Thanks to:
Greg Higgins
Kathy Holle
Patrick O'Callaghan
Glenn Satchell glenn%ups.uucp@fourx.Aus.Sun.COM
Gordon Lack
David Allison

Thanks for the assistance,

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