SUMMARY: Prestoserve 2.3 on a 690?

From: Frank Peters (fwp@CC.MsState.Edu)
Date: Fri Mar 05 1993 - 06:38:35 CST

Well, I've finally gotten a satisfactory answer regarding installing
prestoserve 2.3 on a 690. It does work.

My original query was about the fact that extracting prestoserve 2.3
software on a 690 attempted to install the sun4c kernel modules.

First, a clarification of the issue. The presto_chango script contains
the following code fragment:

     # Verify that we are on the right machine architecture.
     tarch=`arch -k`
     if [ "X${arch}" = Xsun4c -a `expr "X${tarch}" : 'Xsun4[m]'` -ne 0 ]; then
     elif [ "X${arch}" = Xsun4 -a `expr "X${tarch}" : 'Xsun4[e]'` -ne 0 ]; then
     elif [ ${xflag} = y ]; then

In other words, if the real kernel architecture is sun4m or sun4e it
sets a flag and uses an arch value of sun4c. Since I lacked
appropriate documentation I was reluctant to trust this on my main
server system.

I got very conflicting answers to my query. Some told me that I needed
to choose sun4m (and that their software accepted this as an option)
and some told me that sun4c worked fine. It wasn't until I got a Sun
support person to FTP me a copy of Sun's presto_chango script.

As it turns out, if you get prestoserve 2.3 from Legato (who make it)
then it chooses to install the sun4c kernel modules...and this is
the correct thing to do.

If you get prestoserve 2.3 from Sun this has been cleaned up so that it
accepts sun4m as a valid architecture. Note that the Sun version still
installs the same sun4c modules (the code above is still in the script
but commented out in fact) just doesn't tell you that its doing

So in either case the sun4c kernel modules are used in a 690 under
prestoserve 2.3. I've loaded the software and configured a new
kernel. I'll be installing the board and starting it up late tonight.
I'll post a followup if there are any problems...but I don't expect

Thanks very much to the several people who responded and helped me
find my way out of my haze.

Frank Peters
Mississippi State University

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