Re: bzero/bcopy on Solaris: Summary

From: Rob Healey (
Date: Thu Mar 04 1993 - 18:45:50 CST

In article <munish.731258642@longwood>, (Munish Jain) writes:
|> Yesterday I posted an article about having problems with
|> using bzero/bcopy etc on Solaris as they are not defined
|> in the standard libc.a. I have got many responses to my
|> posting so far. Thanks to all of you who responded to my
|> article. The solution is to use following #defines.
|> #define bzero(b,n) memset(b,0,n)
|> #define bcopy(b1,b2,n) memcpy(b2,b1,n)
                                ^^^^^^ NOPE!

|> #define bcmp(b1,b2,n) memcmp(b1,b2,n)

        Only use memcpy if your are GUARANTEED NEVER to have overlapping
        source/destination addresses. bcopy semantics handle overlaps
        properly, memcpy does NOT. Use memmove if you think you might
        run into situations where source and destination addresses may


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