SUMMARY: Format.dat for HP97549T

From: Scott Ballantyne (
Date: Thu Mar 04 1993 - 14:17:10 CST

Apologies for the late posting of this summary, but other problems in
getting this drive to work intervened. As usual, several people
replied with helpful entries, none were significantly different. Some
particularly helpful replies were: (Joshua Walfish) who sent data along for several HP drives. (Brian Bartholomew) who sent an immense table of
  formating parameters for all drives but the HP drive I have, but
  promised to add the correct entry when I prepared my summary. (Peter Ilieve) noted that the 97549T has only
1954816 blocks, which fits in a 6 byte SCSI command, so you don't loos
any megabytes.

The original question:

>We just obtained this drive and need to put it on a 3/60 with 4.1.1. I
>understand it will work but we will lose a few megabytes.
>Can anyone direct me to a format.dat entry that will work with this
>drive under 4.1.1?

The actual entry in use:

>disk_type = "HP97549TF 1.0GB" \
> : ctlr = MD21 \
> : trks_zone = 1: asect = 1: atrks = 112 \
> : ncyl = 1909: acyl = 2: pcyl = 1921: nhead = 16 \
> : nsect = 64: rpm = 4002: bpt = 42705

And my very appreciate thanks to all those who took the time to
respond, listed below: (Ray Smith) (Joshua Walfish) (Brian Bartholomew) (Lenny Simon) (Peter Ilieve)



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