SUMMARY: Compiling or Using X11R5 under Solaris 2.1

Date: Thu Mar 04 1993 - 12:43:50 CST

Thanks to all of you who replied to my query:

        Harry Edmon (
        Tasuki Hirata (
        Casper Dik (
        and all the other netters who dropped me a mail ...


>> Hi,

>> What are the recommendations to recompile X11R5 on a Solaris 2.1 system ?

>> Are there any know problems/bugs ?

>> Thanks,

>> Denis Lafont

And the answers are......

*** If you want to recompile sources:


- There is a set of patches to X11R5 to make it work with Solaris 2.1.
Get /contrib/R5.SunOS5.patch.tar.Z and R5.multiscreen.* from If you use gcc, you must run fixincludes first:

>The easiest way to build to run fixincludes (I.e., without having to
>build gcc 2.3.3 from scratch) is the following, assuming you
>have installed the lot in /opt/gnu:
>- Get the gcc 2.3.3 sources
># cd <src-dir>
># ./configure -prefix=/opt/gnu sparc-sun-solaris2
># make install-fixincludes GCC_FOR_TARGET=gcc GCC_PARTS= GCC_PASSES=

- In the Solaris SW list from comp.unix.solaris (Maintained by Ric Steinberger.), dated 02/11/93 (SunFLASH Vol 50 #24)
we read that the current distribution builds with patches and that you need
GNU cc (gcc, Cygnus distribution)

( Cygnus offers commercial support for much of the GNU software.
Their phone number is: 415 903 1400.

Cygnus info is available via email:
Their address is: 1937 Landings drive, Mountain View, CA 94043
[I am not a Cygnus employee.])

Here is a description of R5.SunOS5.patches.tar.Z:

This patch combines work previously available by ftp, posted on Usenet
in an effort to get a good, easy to install, easy to use X11R5 on
SunOS 5.1 that supports most popular frame buffers and supports both
GNU cc and SunPRO C. The patch intends to be backward compatible
with all other versions of X.

This patch includes support for pure X11R5 (pl 19, 20, 21 or 22) and
X11R5 (pl 19-22) with the JPL multiscreen patch.
(Available from the above sites as R5.Xsun.multi-screen.tar.Z)

The JPL multiscreen patch provides support for multiple framebuffers
and may work better for some as yet untested configurations of this patch.

Special features in this patch:

        - supports X11R5 with and without the JPL multiscreen patch
        - supports gcc 2.3.3 (or later) and SunPRO C on Solaris 2.1
          in any combination.
        - no UCB stuff used: no binaries, no libraries, no includes, no
          compatibility links.
        - Compiled with -R<libdir>. No need to set LD_RUN_PATH (when
          compiling) or LD_LIBRARY_PATH (when executing clients).
        - sunGX.o in ELF format
        - supports gcc 2.x compiled shared libs in SunOS 4.x without the
          __builtin_saveregs problem
        - xterm uses utmpx
        - Xdmcp now works

Other (optional) patches included are:
        - patch for xview3pl2 on Solaris 2.1
        - patch for libXt to make OpenWindows work with R5 X libraries.

The patches (both pure R5 and R5+jpl) have been tested with

        - cgthree, cgsix, bwtwo
        - cc and gcc 2.x
        - Solaris 2.1 and SunOS 4.1.2

        (i.e., 3 * 2 * 2 = 12 different configurations)

The following people have contributed to this patch:

    Danny Backx (
    Dana Chee (
    Kaleb Keithley (
    Bob Scheifler (
    John DiMarco (
    Casper Dik (


John DiMarco and I are responsible for what went in the final collection.
Please mail further fixes to me ( as long as they
are particular to the Solaris 2.1 port.

*** IF YOU WANT TO USE X11 R5 Binaries:

-ftp X11R5 binaries from Sun Canada. (it seems there is a cursor tracking
problem with the X server on our IPX.)

-ftp X11R5 binaries from in pub/sparc/x11r5-solaris-bin.tar.Z

-ftp X11R5 binaries from in

Hope this helps....

Denis Lafont

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