SUMMARY Re: Running Versatec 8524 electrostatic plotter

From: D. Douglas Valkenaar (
Date: Thu Mar 04 1993 - 09:35:03 CST

Original question:

> Have anyone configured the above plotter to work with NeWSPrint on
> SunOS 4.1? What's the proper printcap entry AND the proper mode for
> the plotter?

One response ( (Lorayne Witte) ):

> The Versatec 8524 plotter is a pen plotter emulator that supports
> only HPGL and CalComp 906/907 data formats. You will need a Versatec
> device that supports rasters to run NeWSprint to it - Versatec 8924,
> 8624, 8510. Hence, NeWSprint won't work with your 8524. If you have
> any other question called XES, Versatec products at 800-877-1181.
> -Lorayne (x-Versatec employee)

Turns out it wasn't the plotter nor the Sun - it was the Mentor
software we're using to drive the plotter. We still haven't got it
working but at least we're on the right track.

Thanks "sun-managers"!

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