SUMMARY: ypserv not starting on bootup

From: David T. Hightower (
Date: Thu Mar 04 1993 - 02:14:33 CST

Many thanks to all that responded concerning ypserv not starting up automatically.

Several people suggested that I make sure /usr/etc and /var/yp are mounted when
ypserv tries to run. Yup, they are there.

The domainname should be set prior to getting to the ypserv line; it is, we have the
standard line "NIS domain name is $dname" echoing to the console during bootup.

One person asked if we had replaced "/bin/sh" with another type of shell. Nope.

Two people suggested that the PATH variables haven't been set by then, and to change
the startup line to an absolute pathname. We will try that, but if it's a path problem,
why does ypbind start up ok?

Several folks also suggested an "if - fi" problem. I went through, and all seems
well in that regard.

One person thought we were trying to start ypserv after ypbind; nope, I just
excerpted the rc.local file; the ypbind startup line comes after the ypserv

Perhaps the most pertinent question is:
"And do you have the flexibility to reboot utah a few times to look

nope... I'm a slave to my users. ;>

We have recreated the ypserv stuff ("ypinit -s <master>", etc), but this
did not solve the problem.

My original posting:

> We have a network of ~45 SPARC2s, with a 4-processor 670MP acting as the master
> server. One of the SPARC2s (utah) is a slave server.
> My problem: ypserv does not start up automatically! On boot, the system echoes
> the standard
> starting NIS services: ypbind
> ypserv should start before ypbind.
> I looked in the /etc/rc.local file, and the lines
> if [ -f /usr/etc/ypserv -a -d /var/yp/$dname ]; then
> ypserv; echo -n ' ypserv'
> are there; /usr/etc/ypserv exists, as does the directory. If I pull this if
> statement out and try to execute it by itself (in a shell script) it works just fine.
> To get around this, we start ypserv manually after a bootup, but I can't for the
> life of me figure out why it fails to automatically start! Anybody have any ideas?
> Specifics: Homogeneous network, 4.1.3, OW3, no patches (as yet).
> Dave

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