Re : Summary (Info on SUN/UNIX)

From: Brian Atholl Murray (
Date: Wed Mar 03 1993 - 18:51:07 CST

   Dear all, Having already posted an apology for posing this query in the
inappropriate mail group I feel it obligatory to post a brief summary of
the replies. My thanks go to the following for their replies;

   The basic summary is;

LLNL formed "intelligent terminal support group"
(the term "workstation" had not yet been coined yet!)
Believably in spring 1983

(one of the) first Unix systems in the UK. Heriot-Watt in the 70's.

SunWorld - Fall 1992 Journal covered "Sun's Ten Years in computing world"
SunWorld at (615) 377-3322 ( Overseas Subscribers number )

Sunburst - the story of Sun Microsystems
Is a highly recommended book for these statistics.

Life with Unix, A Guide for Everyone (Prentice-Hall)
and a book by Scott McNealy were also recommended.

                   Hope this is at least of some interest to some,

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