SUMMARY: XDM {Give|Take}Console works

From: Richard Elling (
Date: Wed Mar 03 1993 - 13:49:05 CST

After some investigation, and a few helpful hints and RTFM's I was able
to get a mostly working XDM environment running under Solaris 2.1. This
should work for other SVR4 releases as well.

What I did was take the sessreg program from the xdm client in the MIT
X11R5 distribution and modified it to set the utmpx/wtmpx entries correctly.
The diffs aren't too bad. Only sessreg.c was modified. I haven't the
patience or inclination to try to figure out how the bloody Imakefile
for it is supposed to work, so I made another makefile. If anyone is
interested, I'll post some hints or put the diffs up for anonymous ftp.
 -- richard

 Richard Elling                          Manager of Network Support
 Auburn University                       Engineering Administration    (205)844-2280

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