metadiscussion: summaries

Date: Wed Mar 03 1993 - 09:19:21 CST

I'm getting annoyed at some summaries posted here recently. Some folks
have tacked on most or all replies they received without summarizing.
This wastes time for me and hundreds (is it thousands yet?) of other
people. A summary is not a concatenation of messages! It is a precise
condensation of the points presented. In the case of Sun Managers, it
might leave out suggestions that were irrelevant or wrong, although
sometimes these are useful.

"Me too" messages certainly do not belong in summaries.

Take the time to boil the ideas down and put them in your own words!
Failing to do this is inconsiderate of your fellow list members.

Tommy Reingold
AT&T Bell Labs, Holmdel, NJ or att!boole!tommy

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