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Date: Mon Mar 01 1993 - 16:35:40 CST



I'm attempting to set up a SL/IP server on our Sun 4/110. That has worked OK,
however in trying to become a slip client, I'm having trouble getting to the
point where I can 'sliplogin'. What I need (I think) is a simple utility to grap
a specified tty port, pass dialing instructions to the modem, allow the
connection to get established, and then let me through with the sliplogin. At
worst, I can cycle the modem to break the connection (Neaderthal I know, but
whatever it takes). I have a version of kermit, however it has been extremely
awkward to use and to date has not been fruitful in even grabbing a tty port.
What (else) is available (in the cheap to free range) to do something like this?


Responses fell into three categories:
1) those who recommended dialing software (tip);
2) those who reccommended a better ftp-able slip package; and
3) those who reccommended a better slip-able package.

Tip was reccommended by pretty well everybody for dialing.

Several slip packages were reccommended. I've now been through three of them and
found that the most complete is cslip-2.6 from
It has a version of tip which automatically passes off to sliplogin.

Morning-Star PPP Software was reccommended in category 3). It has a modest fee,
and the contributors support it feverently. Email bob@morningstar for more info.

Since I posted, I also found out that Sun has a PPP product, but $$$$

In the end, I am slipless because I just could not find the time and resources
(other machines for testing etcetera) to implement the package in time and have
fallen back on Kermit. Slow-and-works is a better combination than
fast-and-doesn't-work. I suspect we'll go shopping for something shrink wrapped
next time - I presently don't have the backgound or time for the others.


Daniel Quinlan <danq@lemond.Colorado.EDU> (Jason Hargis) (Carl Mueller)
Greg Kulosa <>
ups!kalli!kevin@fourx.Aus.Sun.COM (Kevin Sheehan)
venus!hammond@sunloop.Central.Sun.COM (Kevin Hammond) (Tom Poage)

My apologies if you contributed and aren't mentioned.
Thanks to all who replied to my query: all contributions were helpful.

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