SUMMARY: NIS master in Solaris 2.1

Date: Mon Mar 01 1993 - 15:00:28 CST

The basic answer is NO, an NIS master cannot
be supported in Solaris 2.1.

Reasoning: Solaris 2.1 does not contain the procedures
necessary to support NIS servers (ypserv, yppush, ypxfr, etc.)
One possibility is to try running these (4.1.x) services
under Binary Compatability, but Sun does not support this and,
as far as I was told, this is untested as well.

An NIS+ server can support NIS clients through NIS-compatability
mode provided as part of NIS+, but this is a different issue

Thanks for your responses: (Leclerc Francois) (Rand S. Huntzinger) (Daniel Trinkle)
mhcnet!lbd (Leslie B. Dreyer Kalra [82]) (Steve Lee)
Christian Lawrence <>

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