SUMMARY: sendmail problem

From: Gary Riseborough ITO2 (
Date: Mon Mar 01 1993 - 13:58:27 CST

My original message included :

> Help from the sendmail people out there needed!
> I have just installed a sun as our internet connection after a PC running
> Interactive Unix died. I am now having trouble receiving mail sent to the
> address used previously on the PC.
> Now the details...
> etc...

In summary the problem was how to get sendmail to recognise a machine's aliases.
The answer... define a Class "w" which holds all names this host is know by.

i.e. in have a line
Cw alias0 alias1 alias2

and list the names in the file /etc/sendmail.fw

Thanks to
Clive Newall <clive@asis.unimelb.EDU.AU>
for his prompt reply.

Gary Riseborough

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