Summary: having >64 windows with X11R5 under SunOS

From: Vincent Fox (
Date: Sat Feb 27 1993 - 17:24:04 CST

I have a user that develops using TK & tcl on a SS2 w/SunOS 4.1.2 using tvtwm.
The nature of his application is that it uses lots of windows, and the
50-60 he could get wasn't enough.

I tried a number of solutions such as using the multi-screen version of the
XSun server, which didn't work out for other reasons. My final solution:

Create a .xserverrc with:
limit descriptors 160
exec X :0

The above script needs to be executable to work.
I also increased the number of pty's to 160 using MAKEDEV, and recompiled
the kernel with "pty160" to support it. Just in case for some reason that
many wish/bash/shell windows were needed.

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