SUMMARY: mclput panic

From: James A. Carhart (
Date: Fri Feb 26 1993 - 21:16:21 CST

 Thanks as always to sun-managers list for timely help ...

 Original message;

        I've been getting the following panic ... what do you think?

        System: 4/260
        Memory: 32 Megs
          Swap: 100 Megs in /tmp
            OS: 4.1.1
       Patches: [ list of patches deleted ]
        The panic message is;

        vmunix: panic: mclput

 As was pointed out there is a patch 100149-03. Patch appled, problem
 corrected. Lesson learned ... always take some time to look through the
 sun-fixes index.

 Thanks to all who replied, the cast of characters;

 Jim Davis
 Mark Plotnick
 Peter Sivo
 Joanne Shimada joanne@malibu.Jpl.Nasa.Gov
 Ron Gaug
 Dan Lorenzini
 John D Schneider
 John Stiles
 Valerie Zingale
 Steve Hanson
 Ed Arnold
 Mike Raffety
 Hal Stern stern@sunne.East.Sun.COM
 Susan Whalen

 Synopsis of Patch README;

        Patch-ID# 100149-03
        Keywords: panic mclput mbuf IP packet drops packets
        Synopsis: SunOS 4.1 and 4.1.1: system crashes with mclput panic
        Date: 07-April-91

        SunOS release: 4.1 4.1.1

        Topic: kernel panic mclput

        Problem description:

        Bug ID: 1041559
        Certain sequence of IP packets cause the mbuf chain to
        be corrupted resulting in the above panic.

        Bug ID: 1053552
        kernels with mclput panic patch installed (ip_input.o)
        PatchID 100149-01 will drop IP packets which have any IP
        options included in the packet. Problem being incorrect
        checksum for packets with IP-header length > 20 bytes

        Fix description:

        The fix includes patched version of:

        as root

        mv /sys/sun4/OBJ/ip_input.o /sys/sun4/OBJ/ip_input.o.FCS
        cp sun4/ip_input.o /sys/sun4/OBJ/ip_input.o
        chmod 444 /sys/sun4/OBJ/ip_input.o

        A new kernel will need to be configured and built.

 That is all

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